Make a Fiery Statement with Opals

95% of the world’s opals come from Australia. The fiery appearance of the opal belies its true delicateness. It is formed when silica is exposed to water. It soaks up the water and forms a silica gel like substance that fills in whatever space is available.

opal-and-diamond-braceletThere is a shade of opal for everybody. If you like your jewelry to be bright and bold, a black opal bracelet really makes a statement. The black background creates just the right contrast and makes the reds, blues and greens stand out. But, if you like subtle beauty, white opal diamond earrings paired with a white opal and diamond bracelet reflect elegance.

Because of its delicate nature, great care is taken when creating opal jewelry. One wrong move and the entire stone can be ruined with a crack or split. So, while you appreciate the beauty of your fiery opal ring or opal pendant, appreciate the delicate craftsmanship that went into creating it as well.

If you love opals, make sure you take care of them. They are very soft and scratch easily so everyday wear is not recommended. A wipe down with a soft cloth is the best way to remove debris. Chemicals should not be used since the opal absorbs liquid. To keep it hydrated, store it in a bag with a wet cloth. If it dries out, it will break. Proper care allows you to enjoy your opal jewelry pieces for years to come.

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