Mystic Fire Topaz Dazzles

mystic-fire-topaz-earrings1If you are looking for a unique statement to make with your jewelry, consider adding a piece of mystic fire topaz to your collection. This dazzling gemstone is taking the industry by storm. Created by adding a thin layer of titanium to the bottom of a white topaz, pieces like mystic fire topaz earrings sparkle red, blue and green in the daylight.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for a gift, a mystic fire topaz pendant is a good choice. The topaz, which is the birthstone for November, is most commonly seen in blues and yellows. Though this stone is “created,” it is not synthetic so it is considered a variation of the November birthstone.

mystic-fire-topaz-braceletThis gemstone is very strong and can stand up to daily wear. However, your mystic fire topaz needs proper care- no abrasives or harsh chemicals that may damage the titanium coating. Your mystic fire topaz earrings and matching mystic fire topaz bracelets will keep their vibrant sparkle with just a soft cloth, mild soap and water.

The gemstones come in vibrant shades of the greens, blues and reds to match your personality and a variety of shapes and cuts. If you want to dress them up a bit, though they sparkle on their own, Gem Affair also has mystic fire topaz and diamond rings with matching mystic fire topaz and diamond bracelets.

The possibilities are endless when you wear mystic fire topaz.

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