Ruby Reigns Supreme

The ruby is a passionate gemstone, from the velvety red hues of the Burmese ruby to the light berry colored Ceylon rubies. From ancient Indian culture where the Emperor would arrange elaborate ceremonies to welcome the discovery of a new stone of the finest quality. When you were a ruby ring, you can feel a bit of that power and understand why it is so revered.ruby-ring1

Physically the same as a sapphire, the ruby was too unique to be lumped under the same name. While they are all corundum minerals, the ruby contains chrome particles giving it its red color. All red corundum minerals are rubies while the rest are called sapphires despite their color. Most of the world’s supply comes from Myanmar, once known as Burma. But, there are other mines across parts Asia and East Africa.

Ruby is the birthstone for July– a hot stone for a hot month. A pair of dangling ruby diamond earrings is a great way to celebrate either your birthday or someone else’s. But, your birthday doesn’t have to be in July to enjoy this gemstone. Hint to your significant other that a ruby tennis bracelet would make a great Valentine’s Day gift. Red rubies are, after all, a great way to show love for someone. Red is the color of love, passion and heat- all important components of a lasting relationship. Maybe that is why the ruby is also the gemstone for the 40th wedding anniversary.

Whatever the reason, wearing a ruby just makes you feel good. The color is alive with energy and warmth to get you through your day.

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