Shades of Sapphire

The sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones among jewelry enthusiasts and, of course, the September babies. While we all may love the various shades of blue, it is the official birthstone for September so it has special significance for those babies. In September, sapphire ring birthday gifts are common if you are thinking of buying birthstone jewelry for someone (or hinting for yourself).sapphire-ring

The sapphire is one of the classic four precious gems that also include the emerald, ruby and diamond. The most valuable among collectors is the Kashmir or cornflower blue Sapphire. Investing in this a Kashmir stone as part of a sapphire pendant is a smart investment, provided the quality of the stones is impeccable.

While you may conjure up images of rich dark blues or bright ocean blue, sapphires come in other colors as well. Fancy sapphires are stones that are not blue. In other words, the stone is chemically a sapphire, but small particles like iron or chrome change the color. Pink, yellow and black are some of the colors of fancy sapphires. If you like to be different and surprise people, think about a black sapphire necklace or sapphire earrings.

When looking for sapphire jewelry, choose a shade you like and then look for the clearest stone you can find. Color is really a matter of personal taste, but clarity is a matter of quality.

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