Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?

I’m often asked if it hurts to get your ears pierced.My reply is, “no, it’s a quick and painless process.”I always fail to recollect – possibly as a defense mechanism – my first experience with the ear piercing gun.

I was ten or eleven years old and my mother took me to get my ears pierced at the piercing pagoda at the Cranberry Mall in Pennsylvania.I was nervous, but excited as I perused the earring selection.Even then I was overly concerned about choosing a style that would complement everything.I settled on a simple yet classic pair of sterling silver ball stud earrings.

As I pointed out my selection to my mother, a teenage girl wearing a New Kids on the Block t-shirt walked over.She lauded my choice in an effort to ease my obvious anxiety and reassured me that, “it’s over real fast; you won’t feel a thing.”

She handed me a teddy bear as we walked over to high bar stool that loomed over my small frame.I politely refused the teddy bear, and much to my mother’s chagrin, the hand she offered in comfort.I wasn’t a baby.I would be able to do this without a stuffed animal or my momma.

The young girl drew on my ears with a pen and, handing me a mirror, asked if they were straight.I nodded without really looking and set the mirror face down on my lap.I wanted to get this over with.Perceiving my urgency, she looked at my mother who nodded once.That was the universal signal for “Go” and proceeded to ready the gun.

The gun. The ear piercing gun.Why did it have to be a “gun?”Shooting earrings into the head is insane.Even as a kid, I remember thinking that whoever decided to call their invention a “piercing gun” was an idiot.It did not ease my fear.

“Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly,” the girl said as she clamped the plastic contraption over my tiny ears.What torture.I took a breath and before my lungs were even full I heard a loud POP!The first side was done.A piece of metal just went through my entire ear and it didn’t even hurt.Since she literally jumped the gun the last time, I was a bit more hesitant.She didn’t even let me get a full breath.I forged ahead though; I didn’t want just one side.That would be worse than holding a teddy bear.

She walked around the high chair to the other side and zeroed in on her mark.She steadied her aim using my shoulder as a tripod and repeated the instructions.POP!The other was done.I had pierced ears.I picked the mirror and admired the two silver earrings that framed my face.For some reason, it scared me.A high school student just stuck pins through my ears and now I have holes in my head.

Perhaps I was an alarmist child, but it runs in the family.

I stood up.It felt weird.My skin got hot.My vision skewed.I took a step.It got worse.I panicked and took off.

For reasons I’ve never understood, I always ran when I was about to pass out.It was as if fleeing the environment would stop me from fainting.I’m not sure what my reasoning was, but that was the last time I ever did it.

I woke up on the floor, both my mother’s colorful sweater and the New Kids on the Block stared down at me.The girl looked terrified and was asking if I needed a doctor, ice, water, the bear, anything.Apparently, in my frantic effort to leave the premise, I passed out and hit the display wall on the way down.Getting my ears pierced certainly did not hurt, but the injury I sustained after the fact did.I had a half-inch gash above my right eye where I collided with one of the metal stands.

It wasn’t very deep, but left a small scar.Now I never run when I get the faint feeling.I stop, drop, and avoid head injury.

Next time a little girl asks me about the ear piercing process, however, I think I will keep my answer as, “No, it doesn’t hurt a bit.It’s over real fast.”We don’t need more alarmist children running around malls and falling into jewelry displays do we?

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  1. Great story!

    My mom took me to the JC Penny Salon to get my ears pierced when I was 6. Before the event, I can remember my mother telling me that they use a gun and my over active imagination took over from there.

    All I could picture was me standing against a wall with the bulls eye of a target positioned behind my earlobe, the shooter taking aim at 40 paces away. I, of course, did not say anything about this to my mom for fear that it would be true.

    When we arrived at the salon, I was somewhat relieved to find out that I would sit in a chair, on my mom’s lap. However, at the last minute, I forced my mom into a pact to get her ears pierced before mine. The rationale that her’s were already pierced just wasn’t flying with me, so she went home with two new holes in her ears as well.

  2. Oh yikes, my sister Kathryn got her ears pierced and almost cried when she sat down in the chair. She got white and sweaty and no matter how much I told her she should hold Fluffer, her teddy bear, which always calms her down, she said she was a big girl and didn’t need Fluffer. Oh she looked so scared, but she was Ok afterward. She acted like she was too mature for jumping outta the chair and leaping at me crying, “I wanna go HOME!” (which she did last year when she was about to get her ears pierced.) But she did it, and her rose quarts earrings are stunning. They make her eyes look bluer. 🙂

  3. im getting my rim done with a bar going thru ive heard they just use a needle for this process so hopefully everything will go smooth i am 14 and still nerves to get my ear done but i would refuse with the GUN as at the top of ur ear it can shatter so my nerves are low as they use a needle(:

    • Don’t worry about it, seriously! I’ve personally had several piercings in my ear including my tragus and my helix (which I think is where you’ll be getting it?) Responsible piercers DEFINITELY use a needle for these but it is very quick and not very painful at all. Good luck with your piercing, I hope you like it!

      • ashley soft

        thanks for this.. its really gonna help me out. im gettin my ears pierced this sunday and to be honest….im kinda nervous

  4. Great story,
    This helps alot I’m getting my ears pierced today and I’m sorta scared too 🙂

  5. thanks for your help

  6. I’m getting my ears pierced in the hols and I know everyone has commented mostly saying that it doesn’t hurt but i can’t help from being a little nervous!!!!

  7. im getting my ears piercede tommorow and im gonna admit im so scared but everybodys telling me it doesnt hurt but i tried to get mine done when i was 4 but i got scared and was crying and they only got on done so my parents thougt it would be odd for me only to have one done so let it get close and im getting them done again

  8. elizabeth zimmerman

    im scared to get my ears peirced!!!!!!!!im 11 but i got them done when i was 6 years old and they hurt to much so a month after that i took it out and they closed.but now im very scared!!!!i got them done at claires.

  9. Thx for the help but i dont think that even convinced me to go pierce my ears you see my dad dosint want me too get it piearced but my mom thinks its ok.i already got it pierced once when i was little and then it closed.and i as scared to go pierce it again when the lady first pierced one ear i kept the tears in but the second part i woulndt stop moving on the chair my mom an the woman had to pull me down and calm me down as well.but im gonna pierce it again next year if im not affraid. m a teen im gonna pierce my nose!! im gonna be tarrified but at least im gnna be preety..or not leave a comment

  10. omg i want to get my ears pierced so badly but im so freekin scared. im gonna like pass out. im 14 years old. idk if its gonna hurt or not. i hope not!

  11. Wow, you really have a talent for writing! Anyways, you have written a great and creative story on your own ear-piercing experience. My ears are still not pierced but I think I’m going to get them done in July (2012) with my twin sister and best friend forever in the summer holiday after school ends. I’m still kinda scared. A lot of people say that it won’t hurt but by the expressions I see on their faces after that horrifying ‘CLICK’, I can tell it hurts ABIT. I would appreciate it very much if someone could give me some advice on how to calm myself down. I’ve heard that putting ice cubes on your ears can make them numb so when you pierce your ears it won’t hurt much. I’m still not sure.

    • Honestly, you should just take it easy and relax. Being tense and anticipating is what makes the experience worse. I have three piercings per ear, half of those are cartilage piercings. The last lobe piercing I got was two years ago. It doesn’t hurt, it’s a pin-prick, 1 second and it’s over. Lobe piercings are the easiest to get, but the aftercare is the most important part. So just make sure you keep it super clean and don’t touch it a lot. Good luck!

      • Hi thank you so very much for your quick reply! I am desperate for a friend who would share their experiences with me. 🙂 Still, you said it is a pin-prick, and pins are very sharp. 😛 Well good news is that I am not allowed to pierce my ears(ALL BECAUSE OF MY DAD) and my mom says at least wait until fourteen. I’m only barely twelve now, so two LONG years before I get to actually experience it.

        PS my cousin said that ear lobe piercing didn’t hurt, but your ears do get very hot. Why does it get hot?

      • Well, you do whatever feels comfortable and works for you and your parents. The reason your ears become hot is because blood is flooding the area in order to heal it quickly and to fight infection. That may sound a little scary, but it’s just your body taking care of you and it’s normal.

      • Thanks for your reply. Well, you may say that I’ve gone around the bend abit, but my sister and i decided to try how it feels to get your ears pierced. We found earrings of our mother’s, then we tried to poke it on our ear. It did get red and hot and it hurt.:( I wonder if it hurts more with the sharper needle. i’m still really scared. Well, I begged my mother so she let me pierce my ears at this time of the year NEXT YEAR. So, I’m really looking forward to it but still a bit anxious. The better news is that i’m going to drag my sister to it since she also wants to pierce her ears. 😛 I really look forward to your reply.

  12. Lol I got my ears pierced a few days ago, the night before that I didn’t go to bed. At all. The first needle that went through my ear didnt hurt at all. Tho the second one didn’t either bout 15 seconds afterwards I quickly fainted. A few seconds later I woke up feeling a bit nautious and I felt so freakin high, like it felt so good, but not good at the same time. I told the piercer that when she asked “do you know where you are?” lol that’ll be a time to remember!

  13. My mom wants me to get my ears pierced, and I want to too but I am deathly afraid of needles/shots. I was born 3 months early and was in NICU for 100 days with IV’s in me 24/7 and got sometimes over 1 dozen shots per day for 100 days. I have ALWAYS been afraid of shots but really want to get my ears pierced. And yes It would be my lobes. I have gotten shots at the doctor’s recently, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought but no matter what I did, I was shaking and really nervous. Anyone have any advice? I need it!! Thank you! 🙂

  14. Im sooooo scared to get ears pierced… Im 11, soon 12, and I want to get my ears pierced on my 12th birthday, but im scared… Im not too good with handling pain, so can someone tell would it hurt for me to get ears pierced. Thanks a lot! 🙂

    • Hey, I’m almost 12, too! But I can only get my ears pierced during the end of summer holiday. I have ‘researched’ about ear piercing on the internet. A lot of people say it doesn’t hurt, but I’ve also asked my friends, and they told me if they say it didn’t hurt, then they’d be lying. But the pain is very little and I think we can tolerate it. 🙂 If you still are not sure, try using your fingernails to pinch your ears hard then let go. That’s probably about how painful it is. Hope this helped. If not, you can go to and search ‘does ear piercing hurt’. There are tons of answers.

  15. I’m about to get my ears pierced, but I’ve still gotta save up for it. I’m getting mine done at Claire’s…They do use the ‘guns’, and I’m hoping they don’t hurt that much! Does anyone know if Claire’s is a trustworthy ear-piercing place?
    I’m not too nervous, lot’s of people say it barely hurts but…I’m just trying to calm my nerves down! 🙂 Thanks!

    • Claire’s is a very trustworthy ear-piercing location. They are certified to pierce ears. I would verify that all equipment has been properly sterilized to be 100% sure. Of course ear piercing hurts, it depends on your pain tolerance, but in my case it was almost painless. The ear lobe has very little in the way of nerves.

  16. Well, im thirteen and what to have my ears pierced but really am kinda scared of pain. I have very low tolerance of pain. And like you, i can sometimes passout when im nevous or see blood or anything really. So i know not to run, it shouldn’t hurt if done right, but is there a way without needing something wierd to keep the pain down? I know there is ice but i can’t carry ice around the whole mall. Wait, scrach that. Ill just get a cup from a resturant and get two pieces of ice. Okay. Thank you so much for sharing!!! Sorry for my bad spelling!!! 🙂

  17. iv been thinking about it but im not shure im afriad it will hurt im only 9 and have cancer and im not shure witch one hurts worse having staples pulled out with no anastiea or gitting ur ears perised

  18. i’m not sure if i should get my ears pierced especially after reading all those storys

  19. I am 10 I am getting my ears pierced today. I am so scared my mom pinched me on my ear and it didnt really hurt. This story taught me alot.

  20. i’m going to get them pierced during spring break. all my best friends have gotten them pierced,(one when she was a baby, one during thanksgiving, and one during christmas.) but the 1 who got them when she was a baby says it doesn’t hurt. the other 2 say it only pinches. i don’t know how it feels, and spring break is really soon! how does it feel?

    • As a baby, do you really remember much? I’d say the other two are more reliable sources. It’s one of the least painful things I’ve experienced myself (another writer wrote this post, so I can’t say mine was even remotely traumatic). I got my ear lobes pierced when I was 7 at one of those booths in the middle of a mall. She marked my ears, pierced my ears with the gun at the same time. Over and done with. I’ve gotten six piercings since then.

  21. I’m getting mine pierced May 1st… and it’s February 29th!

  22. i got mine done when i was 5 but i accidentaly ripped one out .i cried when i got them done and im gonna get them done again but im scared and im also getting my rim done maybe ..: 🙂

  23. Thanks! I’m getting them pierced at Claire’s, and it’s only 2 or 3 days before I get them pierced. I’m inviting my best friends, the ones I talked about in the earlier post, and they say we’re all going to get matching starter earrings! I’m excited!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I’m almost 13 and i want to pierce my ears on my birthday but i’m so scared i’m afraid i might pass out or run out of the store.

  25. i want my ears pierced so bad. my mom said i got to ask my dad. my mom dont want me to get them pierced but she said if my dad says yeah then i can get them pierced

  26. i’m getting them pierced today, in about 3 hours. i’m scared & excited! 🙂 😦

  27. that was awesome! it barely hurt, and now i have peridot earrings! i got them pierced at claires, and it only felt like a pinch! i’m so glad i got them pierced! 🙂

  28. So I’m a 14 year old boy and I’m gettin my ears pierced today and all my friends(that are girls) have earings and I want earrings to look handsome but I’m very scared that its gonna hurt

    • Hope it went well 🙂 I’m Ally from a couple posts up. It doesn’t hurt at all. I’m 13 by the way. Just make sure you clean them every day lol

      • Christopher

        I have just one ear pierced (that’s all I wanted lol). I was scared when I got it done but it wasn’t so bad 🙂 I made sure to clean it everyday

  29. i might be getting my ears pierced soon, im just scared! im 12 and im still rlly rlly nervous. this helped alot so thanks! 🙂

  30. Im 13 and getting ears pierced when I turn 14 in 2 months I’m kind of jumpy

  31. Omg I just got my ears pierced at Claire’s!!!! I’m nine by the way.

  32. I’m kind of scared I am 13 I’ll be 14 in 2 months
    And I’m worried I’ll Pearce the rong ear done I’ve wanted it done since I was 9 and my dad is reel old faction and my mom is totally for it she thinks if I want to I can it’s my desition but my dad says its inappropriate for a boy to have thare ear pierced but my mom is going to take me no matter what my dad says 🙂

  33. Im thinking about getting my ear peirced again, im 14 and im scared that it will hurt but this has told me that it dosnt hurt thanx 🙂

  34. i may get my ears peirced soon and im kinda scared.
    all my friends say that i should.(they have them peirced already)
    i am 9 by the way. i think im gonna get them done at claire’s.
    what hurts more a gun or a needle??? and does it hurt afterwards
    and better yet does it hurt for the second time cuz i got them
    done when i was like 7. i remembered i cried when the first was done
    but the second time does it hurt???

  35. im getting a second hole and im really scared
    i got my first set done when i was in second grade so i dont remember what it feels like

    • Thank you for the good advice. Mine
      Closed up so I am getting ten peirced in
      The same place right? Well I am scared I know you are thinking don’t be a baby and
      Just do it but I just don’t know.should I? Or
      Should I not????;)

    • Thank you for the good advice. Mine are
      Closed up so I am getting them peirced in
      The same place right? Well I am scared I know you are thinking don’t be a baby and
      Just do it but I just don’t know.should I? Or
      Should I not????;)

  36. I am 11 and I am going to get my ears pierced in the summer holidays. I have heard from my friends that it hurts afterwards. Everyone says it will not hurt that much, just like a pinch and a sting.
    I am freaked out
    Don’t you dare call me a baby

    • That is what I am afraid of
      And I am happy that I am
      Not the only one that
      Doesn’t have their ears

  37. bullheaddaisyfrown

    I am so scared about doing it at separate times and when I saw some videos i nearly backed out of the idea. Lucky I have my mum who did not let me change my mind

  38. I want to have my ears done but I am so scared that it will hurt. My mum is all up for me having them done, but my dad doesn’t want me to have them done and he is scaring me by saying all sorts of stuff like’ they use a gun’ ‘they make a big hole in your ear’ mum said she will take me anyway, but I have thick and really soft earlobes and I’m scared it will hurt. Do you have advice that will persuade me to just go for it???

    • I’m not sure why your father is going out of his way to scare you. Most women have their ears pierced (not all), so it’s an accepted culture/tradition. Do what you feel comfortable with. If you want to pierce your ears, ignore your father’s comments because they’re meant to scare you into what he wants. If you don’t want to pierce your ears, then don’t. You can always wear clip on earrings, although there aren’t as many to choose from it’s still an option. In my own opinion, it’s very low on the list of things that hurt.

      • What does it feel like? Because my mum kind of showed me and it was like a hard pinch. Is that what it is like?

      • It’s hard to explain, it’s only comparable to a pinch because that’s about how much it hurts. Someone pinches you, it hurts for a second and goes away.

  39. I’m getting my ears Done Butt i’m SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. It does not hirt at all I got mine done once and its just a little pinch but…….. Mine kinda got infected so I had to take them out:( but I’m getting them done again on my birthday in two months lol I’m realy scaired but I can’t wait and can’t stop thinking about it lol thanx I feel mutch better and can somone tell me were is the best place to get your ears pierced?? But its just a wee pinch its fine it will hirt for one second and its fine and you keep them in for about six weeks of months? Lol but I feel mutch better

  41. Its fine I had my ears pierced once but it got infected and was very sore and I had to take the earring out:( but good news I’m getting them again at claires I’m soo scaired if it will happen again:0 mine were pink lol and can you clean them with tcp? And can somone tell me can you were sleepers?

  42. I got my ears pierced 1 time but it got infected but I’m getting them done again at claires in my birthday (in 2 months) lol kinda a bit of 2 snf a half months lol but um it does not hurt!!!!! You can hardly even feel it. Its just two little pinches on eatch ear its fine thanks

  43. Um becky its fine its just a little tiny pinch

  44. Will it hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. No it will not hurt its fine and sorry about saying I had them pierced 3 times lol its just a pinch lol it’ll be fine

  46. katie you should do it!!! Its fine and sooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. r u scaired to get your ears pierced becky?? Its so cool and its like a um……….. Little pinch and its over but your skin will go a bit hot lol but is it 6 weeks or months????????

  48. Kattie??? A needle hurts more! Go for the gun. How mutch is it to get the we thingy the………um…………. Thing to put on the earring everyday thingy???????? Is it £15 I can’t rember cuz I was 6 when I got mine pierced lol

  49. Becky???????????????????????????????????? Have you got your ears pierced yet?

  50. Becky?????????????? Did u get ur ears pierced yet???????

  51. Katie your not the only 1 does not have there ears pierced (lucky) my friend called kadey (same as u only spelt opisit way) and she can were dingly dangly ones now and I have a friend called Regan (nearly the same as my name only mine is reegan and hers is regan lol) and she can were whatever ones she wants to now too. I hope this helped!!!!!!

  52. Holly???? Why would we call u a baby.? And of corse I will not cuz I was scaired when I got mine done when I was 6 (a year ago) lol


  54. Reegan i got it done on the 28th,and i’m 9. i almost cried but my ears teared up a little bit and you need to wait 6 weeks not 6 months. and your right it is a pinch. the one ear hurt longer because to show how it will feel my sister pinched my ear right before i got it done i did have fun getting it done.
    P.S. i got Hello Kitty earings

  55. witch Clairs are you getting it done at?
    because i got it done at the Clairs in McHenry IL

  56. i ment my eyes teared up [LOL]

  57. Yea I am getting them done at claires at the shopping mall and I LOVE hello kitty lol and thanks I didn’t know that it was 6 weeks r u allowed to change ur earrings now? And my birthday is realy soon (only two months) and I’m so excited and can’t stop thinking about it lol and how mutch is it to get the piercing and the cleaning thing?

  58. Baecky? Do u like binweevils?

  59. This is my story

    One day on friday october 2011 my mum took me to the shopping mall to get my ears pierced (at claires) so, in we went to the shop, we payed my mum sat down as I picked my pink diamond earrings, and my mum noded at me. Out came two girls that took me over to a chair, I sat down with water in my eyes ready to jump off the chair and burst out crying to my mum I WANA GO HOME but I didn’t I sat there a bit freaked out! And the two girls told me what to do with them befor they did it here what they said=
    •dont touch them with durty hands
    •dont touch them if cleaning them!
    •dont show off!!!
    •clean them everyday
    •buy the cleaning thing in the coner
    •clean them at the frount and back!
    And then after that they got the things ready, drew a dot on my ear and asked me if it looked okay I said yes, they held it up to my ear and the next thing POP that was one and again POP I had pierced ears I got out of the chair, stod up straight my skin got hot I felt like taking off! But I didn’t I just stood there and looked at my mum I felt dizzy and felt like falling over! But I also didn’t I was fine I walked out of the shop got into the car and went home and showed all my friends

    But it didn’t go well!
    I went in to clean them, and tied my hair back. And got into bed. I tossed and turned. Next day I woke up. Find out the rest another time

  60. reegan finish the story

  61. reegan in 4 weeks and 6 days then i will change them. in 6 months your aloud to where earings with hooks. for hello kitty earings it is $34 dollars.
    other earings it is between $34 and $20 dollars

  62. Ok ok becky ill finish the story

    So, as I was saying I got up went to clean them but! I seen that the back was in my ear so, I looked at it

    Becky? Ill do it another time my hands are sore I was writing a story in my book

  63. Becky do u like binweevils?

  64. Becky r u allowed da change them now? (I’m so happy its my birthday is in 2 months YEY)

  65. Becky can u change ur earrings now?

  66. I am 9 and getting my ears pierced next week but i am freaked out. I have only evr had 1 blood test that I can remember. Does it hurt more than a blood test? I am petrified of needles. I have a broken my arm twice. Once when i was 5 and once when I was 6. Does it hurt more than that?

  67. omg i want to wear earrings(right now im wearing clip on ones) but ive got them done when i was a baby but it got infected and my earholes closed. i want earrings but i just dont want to feel the pain i HATE needles. should i get earrings or not? i know its a pinch but idk if i can take the pain

  68. I am getting my ears pierced tommorow and I am scared

  69. I am getting my ears pierced in 3 hours and 15 minutes and I am soooo freaked out!!

  70. I just got my ears pierced and it does not hurt

  71. morgan the awsome

    i had my first piercing done when i was four it was ok they just went one two three click and it was done! i had my seconds done for my thirteenth birthday this year it did hurt but it was over and done with in a few seconds and the pain eased away.i have to admit its a lot better than getting your eyebrows waxed! omg only ever had them done once never again!

  72. I’m getting my lobes pierced tomorrow and I am quite nervous. I am 14 and the only one of my friends that is getting them except for one when she was a baby, so she can’t remember. Everyone says that it doesn’t hurt; it’s just a pinch. I CRY WHEN I GET INJECTIONS D: I’ll probably freak out and be like MAMMMMMAAAA TAKE ME HOME THIS IS A STUPID IDEA!!! So ill get her to not let me chicken out! Reading these stories have made me feel more confident, but I don’t know how well I will sleep tonight :/

    I’ll let people know how I go…

    If I survive…

    And if I remember 😛

    Hope they don’t get infected!

  73. OK! I now have pierced ears!!! let me tell you my story!

    i walked into the store with my mum. we went to the desk and the woman smile at me and said take a seat and we will get u to choose which earrings you’d like.

    i sat there staring at the floor, thoughts of imense traveled through my head.

    the women walked over to me with the board of samples. i sat there staring at the jewels. making my decision i pointed to some flowers. the petals were made of “diamonds” (notice the quotation marks) and in the center was a saphire blue jewel. she smiled at me and took the board away.

    after another 30 seconds of sheer terror, the woman re-appeared. she said “The peircer is ready for you now, go through that door ther” she pointed at a door.

    i grabbed mums arm and pulled her in there with me.

    the room was small only really ment for two peoplw, but we squeezed in the threee of us.



    and the lady with the peircing gun.


    “take a seat just there would ya honey” she pointed to a bed/chair type thing. i sat there and tried to just look straight ahead.

    she got some sort of antiseptic wipes and rubbed my ears with them. it was a soothing cool feeling but that feeling was gone and replaced by terror again.

    fortunatly i remembered that she still had to mark where the earings were to go. i stayed still as she drew two purple dots on my ear, then she stepped back to inspect them.

    she told me to have a look in the mirror and see if it was ok. i nodded.


    then i got scared. i tried not to watch her as she assem bled the gun. but my eyes have always wondered where i don’t want them too.

    she held the gun up to my left ear and positioned it.

    i thought i was going to faitn.

    all of a sudden there was a loud pop and a slight pinch.

    my immediate response was:

    “that… actually didn’t hurt at all…!”

    she walked around me and i sat confidently as i heard the pop and felt the pinch.
    now in 6 weeks i look foward to trying differnet styles!


    i know what it’s like when you read all these comments saying that it doesn’t hurt and your sitting there thinking: “of course it’s going to hurt! they are sticking something through my ear!” but i honestly, holding my hand over my heart swear it does not hurt. I have a low pain tolarence level. I DO NOT HANDEL PAIN! but this just felt like a pinch. not painful. even though you have read all these comments saying it doesn’t hurt blah de blah blah you will almost undoubtably be sitting in the chair thinking Oh my god this is gonna hurt. just try not to. you will be fine!!!!

    good luck to everyone!

    Emma – out! 🙂

    ps. sorry about grammar and spelling! CAN’T BE BOTHERED FIXING IT!

    • I’m still nervous even after all these comments! I know it can’t be that bad if 4/5 of the world’s girls has their ears pierced but I still dout it. I don’t like needles or guns! What does the doctors office do to pierce your ears? HELP! PLEASE!

      • you will be fine!!! Gun is how i got mine done and it truely is painless! i imagine that needle would hurt more than the gun. i know what its like to be terrified of it and you read all of these posts of ppl saying it was painless, and you dont believe them. try pinching your ear, hard with your fingernail. imagin the ‘pain’ of the pinch except without the after pain thing that goes on for like 20 seconds or so. imagine that pain for 2 seconds. DONE thats what it feels like, except less pinchey more pointy. 😛 then if that doesn’t help think of a five year old. think how easily they cry. u gently poke them AND THEY CRY!!! then you see videos of them getting their ears pierced and don’t even react!

        DON’T CHICKEN OUT just get it done and dusted! and think about how cool you will look after it is all done!

  74. Im gonna have my ears pierced tomorrow! I’m kinda scareeed. My mom told me I should wear earrings for our prom. Ugh. I’m 15 and I’m still scared. Despite all what I’ve read saying it doesn’t hurt, I’m still scared. HAHAHA =)

  75. It didn’t really hurt. It was just like a pinch. The doctor told me to turn it 5 days after tho. No allergies irritations whatsoever. But I sometimes forgot that I have earrings on and I accidentally hit them sometimes. It’s fine now. And BTW, our prom is on Saturdaaaay! Feb 16. Just Saying. Happy Valentines to you all =)

  76. Cassady Kernover

    Im terrified to get my ears pieced. After reading that, i probably won’t anytime soon. 🙂

    Anyways… That was a Coolio story first of all.
    And I think i might hold off until age 14

  77. I’m 12 and allowed 2 have them done but really nervous. All my friends have had theirs done ages ago, but I’m still not sure. What does it actually feel like?

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