The Dazzle of the Diamond

Diamonds are probably the most desired gemstone in the world. Wearing diamond hoop earrings can make you feel decadent and rich. Others will certainly think you are.

Millions and millions of years ago, volcanic eruptions shoved the diamond ore to the surface. Along the way, intense heat and pressure formed the diamonds from the carbon. When choosing a diamond, you want to look at the 5 Cs: cut, color, clarity, carat and certificate. These are the criteria by which diamonds are graded.

Lucky April babies get to claim the diamond as their own because it is the official birthstone for April. But, you can still wear your diamond flower earrings even if you weren’t born in April. This stone is for everyone. The diamond is also used to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary. This is a great time to get diamond eternity bands to commemorate your years together.  

As the hardest mineral on the planet, the diamond is easy to care for and hard to damage. You can drop them an ultrasonic, use ammonia, soap or jewelry cleaner to bring the reveal the brilliance hiding under the grime.

A clean brilliant diamond catches everyone’s attention. When a diamond catches the light just right, a prism of color dazzles those who see it.

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