The Subtle Beauty of Peridot

Ancient Egyptians loved their gemstones and peridot was no different. The oldest known peridot mine is located on a tiny island in the Red Sea. The island was called Zebargad which is peridot in Arabic. Did Cleopatra wear a peridot and diamond bracelet in a cuff style? Maybe so. Bits and pieces of peridot jewelry have been found by archeologists in the area.

Today, most of the world’s supply comes from Pakistan. In the mid 90s, a vast deposit of high quality peridot was found about 13,000 feet up in the mountains of Kashmir. A Kashmir peridot and diamond ring is a valuable piece of jewelry and a great addition to your jewelry box. Peridot and Diamond Bracelet

In August, peridot ring boxes are common among the pile of birthday presents. This is because this gemstone is the official birthstone for August. It is also the gemstone designated to commemorate the 16th wedding anniversary. This would be a good time to ask for something lavish like a peridot and diamond bracelet.

If you have peridot jewelry, wear it whenever you want just make sure take care of it. The peridot ranks no more than a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness so gently clean it in warm soapy water. It can be worn everyday, just be careful not to knock into things. The last thing you want is a beautiful peridot with a huge crack down the middle.

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