Velvet Emeralds

It is beryllium-aluminium-silicate- also known as the emerald. Cleopatra loved this rich velvety gemstone as did the Egyptian pharaoh. Imagine the elaborate chandelier style emerald earrings that the Queen must have worn as she tempted and tantalized the men of Egypt.

She and the other pharaohs depleted the supplies in the mines there near the Red Sea, but there are plenty more for modern day emeralds. Brazil and Columbia are the premier locations for the world’s supply. Common to the Columbian mines are beautiful medium dark green stones with just a hint of blue. The Brazilian mines offer up a tad lighter shade.

The emerald is the gemstone dedicated as the birthstone for May. Emerald ring gift boxes are often a main gift on birthdays during this month. Not born in May? Don’t worry. If you’re married, you’ll get your chance to hint at something extravagant like an emerald and diamond necklace. This is because the emerald is also the official gemstone for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

However, you don’t need a reason to get or give an emerald tennis bracelet or any other kind of emerald jewelry as a gift. People will be green with envy at the velvety stones draped across your wrist or the sparkling emerald earrings in your ears. You don’t have to be a queen to spoil yourself with emeralds.

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