Valentine’s Day Fashion

Just a pop

Wondering what to wear out this Valentine’s?

Whether you’re married, engaged, dating, or single – you don’t have to wear a romantic bias cut slip dress in chiffon or satin.  Last year, I had the privilege of going to a nice restaurant with my boyfriend of five years.  Every single woman in the place was wearing practically the same dress (sadly, myself included).  All the dresses boasted silk or burnout velvet designs, that flattering 1930’s body fitting bias cut design, hit mid calf right above open toe heels and screamed silver screen “romance” without uttering a word.  They were pretty, but looking around I felt that what I had thought was a moment of fashion brilliance was actually just mundane.  Fashionable, but predictable.  Nice but not that interesting.

So this year…I am going to avoid going for uber-fashion altogether.  I’m going for comfort.  For me.  For wearability with an eccentric twist.  I’m going to refuse pastels, ruffles, and velvet.  Forget doing everything all red and pink this Valentine’s Day.  I’m going to go for the absence of color instead.

You can still create a really romantic aesthetic without being over zealous with the color choices or picking styles that scream “femininity” in shrill ecstatic voices.

For this outfit, I chose simple black jeans, cream flats, a romantic shabby chic sort of ivory top with black satin accents and the vibrant red snakeskin clutch.  Juxtaposed to the ladylike top, I added a well-tailored black menswear inspired tuxedo jacket.  To dress up the dressed down Valentine’s Day version of me I’m going to add some jewelry.

The black and cream/ivory creates a wonderful canvas for jewelry. You could go with the white gold/silver and onyx theme I did or choose something to add a bit more color to the ensemble like this bold white gold ruby ring, which looks a bit like a pair of lips- so there’s your V-day kitsch:

And add a few white gold bangle bracelets with a textured surface like these

And you’re all set for a relaxed yet fashionable night out without donning all of the red or pink in your closet.  I love how jewelry can change an entire outfit.  Huzzah for accessories!

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