Anniversary Gift Giving Guide

Certain gifts have always been associated with certain anniversaries, but there was no “traditional gift” for any particular year until  Emily Post – etiquette guru – published a list of suggested anniversary gifts and their corresponding years in her 1922 publication, “Etiquette.”  While Post’s list is one of the most well known anniversary gift guides today, it may not be as traditional as it seems.

For thousands of years, couples have received precious gemstones from their loved ones as anniversary gifts.  The stones weren’t just given as congratulatory baubles, but as talisman.  The Romans wore them as symbols of love, protection, and status.  The Egyptians gave amethyst, turquoise and lapis lazuli. These gifts were meant to bring the couple through the coming years safely together, and if all went well – some of the gemstones were said to bring fertility, prosperity, and spiritual guidance.

For this reason, there is now a respected Anniversary Gemstone List.  It is not only endorsed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) but also the American Gem Society, the American Gem Trade Association, and the Jewelers of America. Each year, as love grows and the relationship builds, the gifts are said to correspond accordingly with a couple’s needs and symbolize the bond of two as one. Below is the accepted Gemstone Anniversary Gift Giving Guide. You will notice that some (like with Ms. Post’s gift giving guide) offer two or three different options.

Anniversary Stones Gift Guide:

Anniversary Year Gemstone Gift Anniversary Year Gemstone Gift
1 Gold or Freshwater Pearls 18 Cat’s Eye or Opal
2 Garnet or Rose Quartz 19 Aquamarine or Topaz
3 Pearl or Crystal 20 Emerald or Platinum
4 Blue Topaz or Amethyst 21 Iolite
5 Sapphire or Turquoise 22 Spinel
6 Amethyst or Garnet 23 Imperial Topaz or Sapphire
7 Onyx, Copper or Lapis Lazuli 24 Tanzanite
8 Tourmaline or Bronze 25 Sterling Silver
9 Lapis Lazuli or Tiger’s Eye 30 Pearls, Jade or Diamonds
10 Diamond 35 Emerald, Coral or Jade
11 Turquoise or Jade 40 Ruby
12 Jade, Agate or Pearl 45 Sapphire or Alexandrite
13 Citrine, Malachite or Moonstone 50 Gold
14 Opal, Ivory or Moss Agate 55 Alexandrite or Emerald
15 Ruby or Crystal 60 Diamonds
16 Peridot 65 Star Sapphire
17 Amethyst or Citrine 75 Gold and Diamonds

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