For the Love of Jade

An ancient Chinese emperor was enclosed in a suit of nearly 2,500 pieces of jade to protect his body in the afterlife. That is how important this green gemstone is to the Chinese culture.

Two different minerals are what we know as jade. Jadeite is a sodium aluminum silicate and nephrite is a calcium magnesium iron silicate. They are mined from Myanmar, Australia, North, South and Central America and Taiwan. The most valuable and considered the true jade is the jadeite variety.

It is also important as the mystical birthstone for March and for people with the sun sign Virgo. Though it is not a designated birthstone, on these occasions it would be appropriate to celebrate with a jade ring or some other piece. By giving the gift of jade, you are also giving good fortune and good health for those are two of the many mystical properties attached to this ancient stone.

To care for your pieces, wipe them down with a soft cloth and use a gentle soap if necessary. Wear it as close to the skin as possible to get the most benefit from its mystical properties. Even if they don’t work, it is still a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry.

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