Garnet: Not Just the Other Red Gem

Noah fashioned a lantern out of garnet and used it to light the way as he sailed his Ark at night. Others believe the gemstone protects them from the evils of the night. Some may think of it as second to the ruby. But, garnet gemstones offer versatility and uniqueness because they are more than just the other red gem.

Most of the supply comes out of Africa, but there are other deposits in Asia, the United States and Europe. There are many varieties but they are all a silicate containing various levels of metal particles such as aluminum and magnesium. The location of the mine and the metal are what determine the shade of red and all other garnet colors. Yes, other colors. This gemstone also comes in green, yellow, orange, black and every other color except blue. Not many people realize they have a choice when it comes to garnet jewelry.

For a January birthday gift, a traditional dark red garnet ring is common birthstone gift. If the birthday person isn’t the traditional sort, opt for a green stone instead. It is also the official gem to celebrate a 2nd wedding anniversary.

Garnet jewelry can and should be worn everyday. They are easy to clean and quite durable. The versatility and many color choices make the garnet a great accessory for any occasion.

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