Earring Styles: Drop or Dangle?

Accessorizing the ears has been a practice for thousands of years and over this time, earring styles have evolved to suit the times and the women (and men) wearing them. There are five basic styles- the stud, the button, the hoop, the drop and the dangle. Everyone has a favorite style, but it is fun to mix them up. Two of the most expressive styles are the drop and dangle earrings.

They sound the same, but there is a difference. Drop earrings hang just below the earlobe and are stationary or move very little. Often, the earring is all one piece which accounts for the non-movement. But, if the charm or gemstone that hangs down is attached to the base with an o ring, there may be a tad bit of movement.

Dangle earrings literally hang down from the earlobe and… well, dangle. This style swing and sways with every movement. Unlike the drop, which falls just below the lobe, the dangle can fall all the way to the shoulders. Images of Studio 54 come to mind doesn’t it?

Both styles are fun and there is something for everyone. While trends come and go, the basic drop and dangle earrings styles will always be around.

One response to “Earring Styles: Drop or Dangle?

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