Opals on Fire

One of the most unusual gemstones around is the opal with its opulent iridescence and flash of colors. Because of how they form, each stone is completely unique. Play of color- the flash- is a determining factor for quality in most varieties. However, the fire opal is more desired simply for its reds, oranges and yellows. The name itself comes from these colors as opposed to the fire and flash from play of color. A fire opal pendant may or many not have play of color, but if the colors are bright and hot, it is a desired stone.

Significant deposits of this stone come from Mexico. Because it has long been an important part of the Mexican culture, it is the national gemstone for the country. Another special designation is the birthstone for October. A fire opal can heat up any birthday celebration. But, it is also a sexy and exciting gift to celebrate a 14th wedding anniversary.

It is important to take care of these delicate stones by cleaning with care and storing them separate from harder pieces of jewelry. If a fire opal bracelet is reserved for special occasions, it will hold up over the years so it can be passed down for generations to come.

One response to “Opals on Fire

  1. You have a very interesting web site, I was the last man to work with the guys that found the largest black Opal in modern times from lightning Ridge Australia.

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