The Benefits of Quartz

Silicon dioxide, also known as quartz, is the most common mineral on the planet and as such, it has a lot of uses. As a gemstone, it comes in every color under the sun to include lemon, lime and green. Though the most popular quartz gemstones are amethyst and citrine, these citrus colors are gaining in popularity.

Some believe that wearing a lime quartz bracelet or other colored quartz may help clear the mind during meditation and enhance psychic abilities. It may also aid in the functioning of the reproductive and digestive systems. A lemon quartz necklace may keep self-doubt and other negative thoughts away.

The citrus colors are not official birthstones, but perhaps the green can be substituted for February’s purple amethyst. This is because the green variety, if naturally heated, begins life as an amethyst.

Whether these mystical powers are real or not, it is true that quartz can become magnetic through heating or friction. Because of this property, this abundant mineral is used to make components for electronics and watches.

Quartz is easy to wear and it comes in all kinds of fun cuts and settings. Lemon, lime or green quartz makes a refreshing accessory to a summer wardrobe.

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