Bumble Bee

Yesterday felt like the first day of Spring.  Jasmine bloomed in my yard and bumble bees attacked both me and the dogs.Bumble Bee

Stuck in traffic on my way downtown, I opened all the windows in my car.  It was about to rain.  I breathed in the day before it was washed away clean and knew the chilly days were most likely over.

It’s Spring.  It’s time for color.  It’s time for bumble bees and flowers and melons and honey sweet smells.  It’s time for clean, crisp air and beach towels and bicycle rides.  It’s time for sunshine.  It’s Spring.

This Spring, we’re going to be seeing a lot of saturated hues like sunburst melon and vibrant greens with accessories to match.  In fact, gemstone jewelry is one of the easiest ways to get the look.  Keep an eye out for lemon yellow citrine, opaque rose quartz and turquoise, lime green peridot, cool aquamarine and pink or green tourmalines.  The more vibrant the color, the better.  The bolder the style, the better.

Let’s do more than barbeque this Spring, let’s wear her colors.

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