Celtic Jewelry Design

The Celts- barbarians or master jewelers? Well, both. They were feared by their enemies because of the violence thega_celticbracelety let loose on the battlefield culminating in the beheading of their conquests. By the Bronze Age, the world was more civilized and the Celts were busy learning and developing their metal-working skills. With this, came the well-known designs known as Celtic jewelry.

Celtic silver jewelry is probably the most common, but designs are also crafted in gold. No matter the metal, each design begins with the swirls, spirals and flowing lines that have come to define Irish Celtic jewelry. Their pagan belief that everything on earth was connected was the inspiration for these designs. Using these flowing lines, they create intricate designs, knots and even animals are incorporated into jewelry design.

To clean sterling silver Celtic jewelry, use silver cleaner. For gold, simply soak in warm soapy water or jewelry cleaner. Be careful if there is antiquing as it may come off if soaked too long or scrubbed to hard.

Celtic jewelry makes for a unique gift. Pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, tie pins and cuff links can all be found in these intricate lovely patterns so women and men can enjoy a bit of Ireland. The wonderful thing is that these pieces go with everything- casual or formal, gold or silver. Wearing Celtic jewelry is like wearing a piece of art.

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