The Significance of Masonic Jewelry

Born from an ancient fraternity of stonemasons, the Freemasons are a philanthropic

Masonic Cuff Links

Masonic Cuff Links

brotherhood always striving to learn and improve their lives and the lives of others. Many are fascinated by the intrigue and mystery that surrounds them; they are one of the oldest fraternal organizations in the United States and much of the country’s foundation can be attributed to the organizations contributions to both American architecture, government and philosophy!

Wearing Masonic jewelry is one way members show both pride  and dedication. The signet ring is a traditional piece that has been worn for centuries, but contemporary pieces are also available. Cuff links, tie pins and clips, shirt studs, pocket watches and even pendants are made with Masonic designs. Gold or sterling silver Masonic jewelry is also available.

Masonic Ring

Masonic Ring

Symbols play a large part in the design of Masonic jewelry. The square and compass are the most recognizable symbols of the freemasons. These tools of the trade represent the cornerstone of the organization, the Blue Lodge. The letter “G” is displayed in the center and it signifies geometry, which is essential to building, and God. Many other symbols are available that represent degree levels, specific lodges and other principles of the brotherhood.

Whether it is antique Masonic jewelry passed down for generations or a gift from loved ones, these pieces are steeped in history and symbolism of the most storied organization in the world.

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  1. Such a wonderful post! You’ve shared a great story about masonic jewelries and why they are significant.. I also noticed the photo of your Masonic Cufflinks, they’re wonderful. Thanks for sharing great information.

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