The Tennis Bracelet: Game, Set and Match

Believe it or not: the tennis bracelet actually did get its name from the game of tennis.

Tennis bracelets were originally known as an eternity or in-line bracelet, but in 1987, tennis queen Chris Evert put this piece of jewelry on the map.  The athlete loved her in-line bracelets and wore them everywhere; she even wore them on the court while playing.

At the 1987 U.S. Open, she stopped a match already in progress when she noticed that her signature bracelet had fallen off.  The whole world watched as Evert looked for it.  Soon after, the eternity bracelet became affectionately known as the tennis bracelet.

Today, tennis bracelets are considered a classic piece of jewelry and are a must for every fashionable woman.  The bracelets are often given as a gift to celebrate a very special occasion like a coming of age,  a graduation, a birthday or an anniversary.  In fact, the traditional diamond tennis bracelet has become an extremely popular gift for one’s 10th anniversary as the diamond is the G.I.A. gemstone listed for one’s celebration of ten years together and the endless ring of diamonds cascading around the wrist signify strength, eternal love and constancy.

While the diamond in-line bracelet is the one traditionally recognized as a tennis bracelet, there are multiple variations.  Now it is very common to combine diamonds and with other gemstones like rubies or sapphires, others feature colorful birthstones or mix gemstones with decorative metalwork.  Any type of bracelet that has a repetitive design could be considered a tennis bracelet.

The multiple varieties give way to different meanings.  Where a diamond tennis bracelet symbolizes love and security, different stone selections and designs represent different things.  Pink topaz or pink sapphire tennis bracelets have become a popular way to fashionably show support for breast cancer awareness.  Tennis bracelets featuring a repeat of two different gemstones often symbolize one’s relationship with another be a it a family member, friend or life long companion.  Recently, mothers have begun wearing bracelets featuring the birthstones of their children.  A tennis bracelet set completely with one’s own birthstone represents independence and pride.

The choices are endless.  Regardless of the style you choose – the tennis bracelet is a timeless versatile piece.  They are simple enough for everyday wear – as illustrated by one of Sport’s most revered tennis players – and perfect for adding glamour to an evening event.

6 responses to “The Tennis Bracelet: Game, Set and Match

  1. I like this post. Hope you to post useful article soon

  2. Thank you very much for this article. It very interesting.

  3. Hi there,

    A friend of mine bought the pink sapphire tennis bracelet that you have pictured in this article… do you have any more in stock? I absolutely love the square shaped gems and I am interested in buying one for my daughter as a graduation gift.



  4. Dear Maria,

    Unfortunately we no longer carry the bracelet in the picture, but we do carry a pink topaz bracelet with square shaped gems:

    if you have any questions you can contact me directly at


  5. Hi there, I totally agree your statement above that “Today, tennis bracelets are considered a classic piece of jewelry and are a must for every fashionable woman.” I can notice that most ladies who wear this kind of bracelet are those who are in TV, like actresses and artists. It’s also my dream to own that jewelry.

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