Three-Stone Jewelry for Life

Past, Present and Future jewelry pieces are everywhere – from earrings to rings to pendants – but how did this simple three stone design get so popular?Introduced in 2000, past-present-future jewelry is basically a simple three stone setting, often with graduated stones, arranged vertically or horizontally.  Just like any trend, past-present-future pieces rose in popularity due to the simple beauty of their design.  While there is beauty in simplicity, it was the meaning behind the piece that caught the world’s attention. Each of the three stones represents a station in life or a milestone reached so the jewelry not only accents your wardrobe, but celebrates your life.

One stone represents the past- either as a couple or as an individual.

One stone represents the present- life as a couple now.

One stone represents the future- either as a family or as a promise to the future together.

The design reminds us that life is who we are.  We write our own stories.  While the past is set, it does help to shape the present, which in turn shapes the future.  The three are intrinsically linked to one another through eternity and so represented in the jewelry design.

The sentimental meaning behind the design makes it an excellent gift for celebrating special moments in life like anniversaries, engagements, weddings, graduations or births.

For anniversaries or weddings, a couple can use the design to symbolize their union by celebrating road they’ve been on, their position in life now and look forward to what may be.  For this reason, the three stone past, present, and future design is commonly used in engagement and wedding rings, but it also makes an excellent right hand ring as the ladies from Sex in the City taught us.

The design is also commonly given at the time of high school or college graduation.  The stones in the design symbolize the effort and hard work done, commemorate the moment, and give encouragement for the years ahead.

Families also seek the multifaceted design to celebrate the birth of a child as the stones represent the life as a couple, the birth of a family and the future joy the birth will bring.  While diamonds are often the most popular gemstone used in past-present-future jewelry, many choose to personalize this type with the child’s birthstone.

Whether it is a ring, pendant, earrings or bracelet, three stone past-present-future pieces will continue to remain popular because they are so versatile.  The design’s simple beauty complements every type of attire, can accomodate any number of different gemstone combinations and it can symbolize so many different lifetime milestones.

One response to “Three-Stone Jewelry for Life

  1. Amazingly beautiful. perfect for wedding

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