The Girl and the Sea

Anchors Aweigh

I had a dream last night.  I was on a beach.  It was dark but the stars were so bright I could see everything.  The only footprints on the sand were my own.  A sail boat bobbed in the distance and it was slightly windy.  The air smelled so sweet.

I want to go to the sea – not the crystal clear waters in the tropics but the dark, cold violence of a northern ocean.  It always seems saltier there.

Fashion tells a story.  What’s yours?

One response to “The Girl and the Sea

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving the complimentary comment. I’m actually in the process of opening my second Etsy shop, which will showcase my quilted pillows (I’ve made a couple more since), my felted items (I’ve made another bird – blue – and some other items), my pressed flower pieces, and my knitted scarves. I just didn’t want to clutter up my first Etsy shop — my jewelry shop. So, stop by and take a peek some time. It should be filled with stuff within the week. I’m still working on the banner.

    Love the beach collage. I’m on the Northern California coast myself (San Francisco Bay Area) and so can really identify.

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