Pay it Forward

Times have been tough for a lot of us recently, but I’ve noticed something very peculiar about the online community:

You’re there for one another regardless of how bad things gets.  You’re there when something bad happens to send words of encouragement.  You’re there to support families going through difficult times.  You’re there to laugh when it’s all too ridiculous.  You’re there at all hours of the day and night.

You all amaze us; we want to thank you for being who you are.

You’re the Blogosphere’s superheros.

For this reason, we wanted to start a tradition of Paying it Forward.  A few months ago, one of our Twitter contest winners, Kat, held a blog contest for her readers on her own birthday.

Instead of asking for something she wanted on her birthday –  as we’re all accustomed to (self included….have you seen my amazon wishlist?!) – she was giving a diamond oval pendant away to others.  Her winner, Jenn, was amazing when she won too.  She was so thankful that she wanted to do something to give back as well.

Let’s keep the tradition alive and continue to Pay it Forward from blog to blog.  Kat won.  She hosted a contest.  Jenn won that one and now she’s hosting the first official “Pay if Forward Contest

Let’s keep the contest going as long as we can and pass along the good, the swag and the fun.

Entry is easy: just say something positive about yourself or someone else.  Take a moment to think about everything you do for other people.  Think about everything other people do for you.  Some of these amazing people may exist to us only online, but the friendships built are solid.   The words of encouragement we give and receive help when times are tough.  So let’s celebrate it.  Let’s Pay it Forward.

One lucky winner (chosen by receive a diamond journey pendant, but all of you will have either said something good about yourself or someone else.  It’s kind of a win-win situation.

Of course, there are additional ways to earn extra entries, but they’re all outlined on Jenn’s blog.  Since this is *hopefully* going to be an ongoing thing, we’re leaving it up to the contest holder to decide how they want to offer extra entries.

5 responses to “Pay it Forward

  1. I entered Jenn’s contest. I’d be very happy to “pay it forward” if I win. 🙂

  2. Good luck Charlotte! Huzzah for paying it forward, let’s all thank Benjamin Franklin for the idea – I wonder what he’d think of the blogosphere?

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  4. Who knew that my giveaway on my birthday was going to start something this cool?!
    I LOVE it and am so happy that the tradition is continuing and that Gem Affair is the sponsor of this very awesome idea.

    All of you are just amazing for doing this, thank you.
    It makes me feel really good to know that what I did has started a tradition of giving and paying it forward to make someone else happy as it goes along.

    • Kat, your giveaway was inspiring. It was probably my first introduction to blogger selflessness. We definitely want to keep this going. Thanks so much for commenting, too. When this is done, I am going to take pictures of the book and goodies we’re sending over so you all can see what you’ve contributed to.

      I contacted Operation Troop Appreciation and am hoping to hear back soon. I asked if they could suggest a unit as the recipient.

      I may also see if I can get a local school to do some thank you cards and add them as well. It just seems like there isn’t enough we can do to show our appreciation. And again, to you…..thanks for starting something good!

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