Beach Bling

It’s time for the beach, and I can’t wait…except for the bathing suit part.  I figure why not wear pearls to the beach – give them a taste of home.

Souvenir from the Seaside

This style board features a Twilight Mystic Fire bracelet:

And my two favorites, the rose quartz & pearl diamond ring and the flowery pink & white opal ring:

This Thursday, I am flying to San Diego, hence the seaside-themed board.  I won’t have time for a jaunt at the beautiful beaches as I have to immediately head back via vehicle, but may have time to oggle the seals on the shore.  Possibly some Navy Seals as well.  However, it will be dark so it will be a lot less fun.
Until my return, a question: Pearls come from the sea.  They’re natural.  They’re beautiful.  How could anyone ever think they had gone out of style or were matronly?
Do you wear pearls?  If so, what type? (earrings, necklace, pendant, ect.)
Dyed or naturally colored?
Irregular or regular?
For me:
Yes. All types, especially a string of pearls. I prefer natural, but peacock teal or magenta pearls seem to always find a way into my jewelry box.  Depends – I like them all.  Irregulars are affordable and the perfectly round Akoyas are investments.  Investments in style.  I like those kind of investments the best.  My stock portfolio disagrees.

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