Mystic Fire Topaz – Blinded by the Light

Mystic fire topaz jewelry is in –  and we don’t just mean in stock – we mean on the hands of style mavens everywhere.

It’s become a popular choice for fashionable women everywhere because it’s unlike any other gemstone.  It has a personality; it changes with the light; it seems to speak.

Mystic fire begins life as a plain white topaz gemstone.  It is then treated with titanium atoms in a process created by Azotic Coating Technology in 1998.  The treatment creates a rainbow of colors that dance through the stone as light reflects off the multi-facted surface of the gemstone.  Though treated, all types of mystic fire topaz gemstones retain the exact same properties as a genuine normal topaz.  It is still an 8 (very, very hard) on the Mohs scale of hardness and still retains the same chemical makeup.  Just consider mystic fire pieces those with a style conscious who went in for an upgrade; one that paid off exponentially.

Since the treatment can be controlled, there are multiple variations of mystic fire topaz, so there’s a color palate perfect for your style.

Green Mystic Fire Topaz

The most popular style is green mystic fire topaz jewelry.  In fact, most people believe this is the only type of mystic fire topaz there is, but you’ll know better.  With this variety, green is the predominant color, but the luminescent beauty flashes  with rich purples, deep blues, magentas and golds.  This type is commonly used in cocktail rings for its impressive presentation or set as earrings, pendants and bracelets. Since the stone itself is so enigmatic, green mystic fire is perfect in almost any cut or any setting.

Twilight Mystic Fire Topaz

A second favorite, though no less beautiful than its cousin, is perfect for summer and fall.  Called twilight mystic fire topaz, this variation glows with bright oranges, pastel pinks and gold twinkles; the stone looks as though it’s captured the beauty of the world’s most captivating sunrise, which is fitting because topaz has been tied to the sun since ancient times.  This season, we’re seeing lots of twilight mystic rings in unique cuts, gold rimmed earrings and elegant twilight tennis bracelets for an unforgettable look.

Sea Mist Mystic Fire Topaz

More rare than the previous two types of mystic fire topaz is the sea mist topaz.  This beautiful creation features an alluring combination of light blues, turquoise, varying shades of aqua, subtle purples and a hint of pink definitely makes an impression.  The soft translucent stone seems alive with all the colors of the Caribbean.  Since it is more rare than the other varieties, look for this piece as a bold cocktail ring or a vibrant pendant.  If your heart belongs to the sea, this is definitely a stone you need to have in your collection; it’s simply stunning – there’s nothing else like it.

Ecstasy Mystic Fire Topaz

An iteration of twilight mystic fire topaz, ecstasy mystic fire topaz is similar in color, but trades some of the orange for more magenta and pink.  Often, the two are confused because the ecstasy version of mystic fire is not as recognized by name.  Many of the pieces are actually marketed as twilight mystic fire (this is common in the industry).  For example, smoky topaz isn’t a topaz at all, but actually a type of quartz. While our site doesn’t make the distinction between the two, you can tell by looking for those with more pink.  With more pink than orange, ecstasy mystic fire is perfect for those with a more playfully feminine style. If you have any questions, you can always reach a jewelry concierge through LiveSupport on the site or call us at 1-800-471-GEMS.

The stone of many disguises

The only problem with finding mystic fire jewelry is that there tend to be quite a few varieties and even more names for them.  Mystic fire topaz jewelry has also been called Alaskan topaz, Alaskan Ice topaz, Caribbean topaz (no doubt due to the sea mist variety),  titanium topaz after the way it’s created and, for obvious reasons, rainbow topaz.  Regardless of what you call it.  It’s beautiful.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, right?

Cleaning Mystic Fire Topaz Jewelry

Since all mystic fire topaz pieces are, at heart, a traditional topaz, they retain their tough exterior so they are difficult to chip or damage.  However, since they’ve undergone some plastic surgery, you may want to keep your stones away from high temperatures and steam.  This means no ultrasonic cleaners, no harsh chemicals (it might strip away the titanium treatment that makes mystic fire so vivacious), and no steam cleaners.  The easiest and most effective way to clean mystic fire is with warm water, a mild soap or detergent, a 100% cotton cloth or a child’s soft bristled toothbrush.  A quick cleaning like this will remove any buildup from wear and keep your mystic fire jewelry sparkling brightly.

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