Men’s Rings Make a Bold Statement

The days of men just wearing their wedding bands are gone. Today, the jewelry industry is catering to men’s new found love of jewelry. They are doing this by offering a myriad of stylish options for a guy to express his personality with men’s rings.

They are doing this by interesting designs for pieces like men’s diamond rings. They are adding bling to traditional styles like the square setting and adding other interesting gems like onyx and tiger’s eye. They are also giving more style to the finish- a band may be multi-layered, be faceted cut or have a matte finish instead of shiny polish. Engraving and etched details are also a way to add pizzazz to a men’s wedding ring.

But, they aren’t just designing more appealing pieces; they are also using some interesting materials to create men’s wedding rings and more. Men’s gold rings aren’t the only choices anymore. Titanium and tungsten carbide are two of the newest metals to be used in the creation of some very masculine jewelry. These are also a good choice for the guy who is hard on his jewelry. The tungsten won’t even scratch!

So, for the lady who is looking to surprise her guy with a men’s engagement ring, you can either go traditional with gold or platinum or try out some of the new stuff. Either way, he will be stylish with his new hand hardware.

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