Tantalizing Toe Rings

The toe ring phenomenon is actually an ancient tradition in India. The women wear them like wedding bands to show that they are married. Wearing toe rings in the Western world is strictly a fashion statement. Now, a person can reveal a lot about her personality with a toe ring, but there are social connotations for wearing them.

Silver toe rings are an especially popular accessory for beachwear. But, there are nicer ones made of gold and some even have gemstones. Make sure the fit is perfect before wearing diamond toe rings. It would be a shame to lose one on the beach.

Most silver and gold toe rings are cuffs that can be adjusted to fit, but some are already fitted. The proper location for toe rings is between the tip and the first knuckle of the second toe. Most people wear them on the right foot.

There are a variety of styles to suit every occasion. Sterling silver and gold toe rings come with flirty decorations like ladybugs and cherries. For people who might be allergic to metals or can’t get a comfortable fit, there is also a style that uses a clear rubber band as the ring.

Whatever the occasion, there is a toe ring for it. Just remember to get a pedicure and wear strappy sandals to finish off the sexy flirty look.

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