The Luscious Caribbean Topaz

For the person who loves unique and shiny jewelry, Caribbean topaz jewelry is just what she is looking for. Never heard of it? This designer gemstone also goes by the name mystic fire or Bermuda topaz.

The process was patented by Azotic Coating Technology back in 1998. They devised a way to coat the underside of a white topaz with a thin layer of titanium. The end result is the brilliant kaleidoscope of colors found in Caribbean topaz. What happens is that the titanium disrupts the light refractive properties and creates a multitude of blues and greens.

This designer gemstone has acquired quite a following among collectors. The unique qualities of a Caribbean topaz ring make it a perfect gift for the girl who loves jewelry. Because its popularity is growing, you can find this dazzling gemstone in Caribbean topaz earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. Though they don’t need any extra dazzle, Caribbean topaz diamond pendants and other pieces are also becoming popular.

The Caribbean topaz also looks fabulous set in gold or silver. The cool blues and greens are pulled to the forefront when set in silver and the fiery shades are highlighted in a gold setting. This gemstone is a unique accent for any occasion.

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