The Path to Her Heart

The journey pendant is a relatively new trend in jewelry. It is an elegant way to celebrate the journey a couple takes together in life. The concept is illustrated by a row of graduated diamonds. As the journey continues, love grows.

The traditional piece is a diamond journey pendant that falls in an “S” pattern. But, there are other designs to choose from. A heart diamond journey pendant makes a romantic gift that really signifies the heart’s journey. A circle or spiral can also signify the journey that a couple takes. As long as there are more than three stones in graduated fashion, a journey pendant can be created. Another trend is to alternate diamonds with other gemstones, like a birthstone, to give color to the pendant and make the piece even more personal.

The sentiment of a journey diamond pendant makes it a great gift for any special occasion in a couple’s life- an engagement, marriage, birth or anniversary. It also makes the gift-giving process a little easier for those guys who break into a sweat at the thought of choosing a piece for their girl. With a journey pendant, he makes a romantic gesture and gives her something that will last forever.

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