Thumb Fashion

While it may seem relatively new, the thumb ring has been around forever. Ancient archers wore them to protect their fingers when shooting arrows. Women would hold on to their husbands’ wedding bands when they went off to war by wearing it on their thumb. This is still done today as well as wearing a deceased male family members ring on the thumb. But mostly, they are simply a fashion statement.

Thumb rings come in a variety of styles for men and women. The most common is likely a simple band. However, some prefer to make distinct statements with their thumb jewelry. Teen-agers can stand out in rebellion with gothic thumb rings that boast images of skulls or demons.

You can really have fun with this accessory by stacking several bands, adding some with diamonds or wearing a zig-zag style. Wearing thumb rings is a popular trend that stretches from Hollywood to small town USA. Whether there is significance to wearing one or not, there is no doubt it is a fun and quirky way to show off your personality. And, the best part is that you can find designs at every price point. From sterling silver thumb rings to gold with diamonds, everyone can afford to dress the hardest working finger on their hand.

4 responses to “Thumb Fashion

  1. I’m looking for a gold thumb ring with three Jesus fish signs and a tiny diamond chip for each eye. Can some one help me ?

  2. Randal Stevenson

    My brother wanted some kind of men’s diamond ring and a jeweler told me that a thumb ring was the most common among males. So I looked a few rings but in the end I really couldn’t decide on any I saw.

  3. Skylar Landergren

    I like the idea of a thumb ring. I’ve always just owned mens diamond rings for my ring finger. I might try them on my toes!

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