Top 10 Jewelry Tips

1. Never sleep, shower, garden or clean while wearing your jewelry.  You’re more likely to loosen the setting which could lead to missing stones.

2. Swimming in a pool with jewelry is bad for the metal.  The chlorine can corrode the settings and give gold a dull look.

3. Only polish jewelry with 100% cotton.  Your best bet is a polishing cloth or soft flannel because it won’t scratch the metal.

jewelrypopart4. Don’t clean pearls, turquoise, amber, lapis, coral, emeralds, mother of pearl, or silver with ultrasonic cleaners.  You’ll damage them.

5. Keep certain stones away from sunlight and intense heat if possible; they will fade over time.  The list includes amethyst, ametrine, apatite, aquamarine, aventurine, beryl, citrine, green and purple fluorite, kunzite, and smoky or rose quartz.

6. Bleach eats sauter for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Keep your hands inside gloves or remove your jewelry before using it.  Your settings and stones will thank you later.

7. Store silver away from humid environments like bathrooms.  Silver tarnishes much more quickly in a wet environment.  To keep it in top shape, store it in an air tight container.

8. Make sure to store your pearl necklaces flat.  Silk stretches over time.

9. Choose pieces with a lower karat weight (10 karat and 14 karat) for rings if you’re going to wear it more often.  It will be less likely to scratch.

10. Give jewelry as a gift and celebrate important milestones in your life by rewarding yourself with a special piece.  Every time the piece is worn, it will act as a reminder offering encouragement and support.

Got a tip?  Email me.

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