Choosing Gift Boxes for Special Jewelry

The perfect gift deserves perfect wrapping. Choosing the right piece of jewelry for a loved one takes time, but it isn’t the only decision that has to be made. You wouldn’t just plop a ring in her hand would you? No, you want to pull out a tiny little gift box that will make her squeal in anticipation of what’s inside.

Now, there are several different types of jewelry gift boxes to choose from to suit his or her personality and the intent of the gift. Leather, velveteen, wood and heavy duty card materials mean that these beautiful gift boxes will last. And, most people save the boxes, unable to throw them away because they are so pretty and special.

Colors are also an option when it comes to choosing a necklace jewelry box or other styles. Red and purple colors say fun and different, whereas black or navy colors say sophisticated. White says innocence and makes a good choice for sweet sixteen or christening gifts. Along with different colors, there are also different shapes. Traditionally, ring boxes are square while necklace jewelry boxes are wide flat rectangles. Bracelets are packaged in slender rectangles. But, for a something different, heart-shaped boxes or a pair of sexy red lips can say a lot before the gift is ever revealed.

Choosing the right jewelry gift box depends on the nature of the gift as well as the personality of the giver and recipient. Sophisticated and elegant or fun and quirky- there is something for everyone.

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