Proper Jewelry Cleaning Methods

Whether it’s a bracelet, ring, necklace or earrings, regular wear of jewelry dulls the shine. Oils from the skin, dirt, lotion, perfume- all the stuff that it comes into contact with everyday builds up in the setting and between the links robbing the piece of its sparkle and shine. There are several methods to clean pieces so they look brand new.

A liquid jewelry cleaner is a gentle way to remove the gunk. Typically, it is a mixture of ammonia, water and soap. This works great for gold, diamond and other hard gemstones. Never put soft or porous stones in a liquid solution. After soaking the piece of about 20 minutes, scrub with the soft brush provided and rinse and pat dry.

For a more aggressive clean, ultrasonic jewelry cleaners really knock out the dirt…literally. Sonic waves agitate the water solution and the bubbles work out the grime. Check the setting to make sure the stones are secure and again, do not put soft or delicate pieces in this machine. Steam jewelry cleaners are another aggressive and quick method that uses a blast of steam to remove the dirt.

Polishing cloths are available for the delicate soft stones like pearls and opals. They are a soft material that removes the oils and dirt from the surface. Some come pre-treated with cleaner and others are dry. For silver, use specific silver jewelry cleaners like the clothes, creams or pastes that remove the tarnish.

Before using any cleaner, ask what is appropriate for the piece and read the instructions for use of the jewelry cleaners and machines.

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