The Jesus Fish in Jewelry

The fish is a common symbol of the Christian faith. You’re probably seen the contemporary fish design on the backs of cars in the form of an emblem or a bumper sticker. But, religious jewelry is also a popular way of expressing a belief in Jesus. Fish jewelry is also called ichthys jewelry which is Greek for fish. The letters of the word form the acronym for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.”

This symbol came about likely from the Biblical references- Jesus called his disciples “fishers of men” and then there’s the popular story of feeding the multitudes with a fish and a loaf of bread. About 54 A.D., the fish became a secret Christian identifier so they could talk about their faith without fear of persecution. If they wore fish jewelry, it would have been discreet. Usually, Christians would draw the symbol in the dirt to show who they were.

Today, fish pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets are all available as an open way to proclaim one’s faith in Christianity. This contemporary symbol can be worn instead of a cross or fish jewelry and other religious pieces can be mixed together. In gold or silver, fish bracelets and other pieces are a fun way to let the world know your faith.

One response to “The Jesus Fish in Jewelry

  1. You might consider producing jewelry for agnostics, like the Whatever Fish.

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