The Religious Jewelry Phenomenon

Everyone is wearing religious jewelry, even the less than pious. Celebrities can easily start a trend for wearing cross jewelry or other religious symbols whether they practice religion or not. However, the idea of wearing symbols of faith as jewelry is thousands of years old. Nearly every culture or faith wears religious jewelry to celebrate their faith.

The most popular symbols of religion are the cross and the Star of David. Each is the universal symbol for Christianity and Judaism respectively. Star of David jewelry is worn with pride, particularly because it was also used as a Nazi identifier of Jews. A pendant makes a great Bat or Bar Mitzvah gift as a celebration of the faith and all it has endured and overcome.

Christian cross jewelry is also a popular symbol that can be found on pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings. They can be quite simple or very ornate depending on the fashion statement. Another popular Christian symbol that has found its way into jewelry is the fish. This is the symbol of Jesus and is commonly seen on the bumper of cars, but it is also part of the religious jewelry phenomenon.

Whether you believe or not, it has become fashionable to wear religious jewelry. Whether it is for faith, fashion or both, there is an abundance of beautiful pieces to choose from.

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