Wonderful Graffiti

With Summer in full swing and daily rain showers, I’m feeling a little nostalgic and this vintage inspired style board  fits right in.  Take advantage of the Summer weather.  Wear cool a-line day dress that would make your grandma proud.  Ransack your closet for pieces done with flowers patterns.  Put on a pair of creamy heels.  And treat yourself to some precious, precious metals.

For a more modern spin, pair subdued pastels and muted flower prints with more vibrant shades of teal, purple and green.  To really capitalize on the look, take timeless gems, like the pearl and pair them with yellow gold and pink tourmaline or slip into a pair of sparkling opal and diamond cocktail earrings.

We learned as children that summer was a time to relax and play.  Don’t forget that.  Even though we might not get our summers off anymore, we can still reflect the season’s vitality and fun in our wardrobe.

It’s summer, play with it.

paired with tourmalines and pearls for the perfect look.


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