Sultry Sapphires

I’ve noticed that when I’m working with jewelry – certain pieces always make me feel a certain way. I’ll be working with a group – sometimes it’s the same type of stones or sometimes it’s a variety of different stones in a similar design style, regardless – each lends itself to a certain mood, decade or occasion.

Recently we received a massive shipment of sapphire and diamond jewelry.

….I immediately thought, “Classic Hollywood.”

I can almost see the gorgeous dame waltzing in from out of the rain – pushing her way into the male lead’s detective office past the unkempt secretary’s desk…cigar smoke fills the room while she dramatically unfolds her mysterious tale in a sultry deep voice.  The male lead, suave though he hasn’t shaved in days, doesn’t usually take cases like this, but he’s powerless against her beauty.

Those  movies had such character.  Even though the plots were, by description, formulaic, there is always something unexpected.  They were filled with drama, intrigue, a handsome lead and fantastic clothing.  I absolutely love film noir.  It’s cheesy, but true.

So, the other day, it wasn’t at all surprising that I found myself day dreaming about Humphrey Bogart while clicking away at the deep navy blue beauties.  I couldn’t help it.

I think about how jewelry makes me feel and what the stones seem to say.   To me, sapphires say timeless beauty.  They ooze sophistication.  They’re dramatic because they’re oddly mysterious; that midnight blue color doesn’t reveal anything, it’s as though something may be hiding just under the surface…something you can’t quite reach but want desperately hold.

To me, sapphires remind me of the dame from the classic detective drama, the film noir chic.


What do they say to you?

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