Ebel Watches

ebelpartsGEMaffair.com now proudly sells an array of Ebel watches for both men and women.   The Swiss watch company, founded in 1911, has become know as the “Architects of Time” for their uniquely sculptured designs and presentation of the inherent beauty of mechanics. Ebel watches are defined by elegant architectural styling, high quality materials  and exquisite craftsmanship.  Were Leonardo da Vinci  alive today, we’re certain he’d choose to wear an Ebel watch.  They’re simply the beauty of time actualized.

Though da Vinci may be unable to don an Ebel due to his demise many years ago, many of the today’s modern world have made that choice.  Ebel watches can be seen on the wrists of the most discerning including many of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities including  spokeswoman, Gisele Bundchen.  While it may be a bit of a let down to our male customers, we cannot include Bundchen with purchase, but you can take solace in the fact you’re wearing one of the most well-crafted timepieces available.  (it’s not much, but it helps).

ebelgisele1For more on the beauty of mechanics and design, read up on Ebel or for a history lesson, check out da Vinci’s horse. (Yes, we know it was never finished, but it sure is impressive – just like the passion and design behind every Ebel watch.)

And though we can’t include Ms. Bundchen, you can always watch this over and over. Nice watch don’t you think?

One response to “Ebel Watches

  1. Nice review. Ebel watches are my favorite in this price range. Always stylish.

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