Three FABULOUS New Years Resolutions

I’m all about being healthy, but I’ve learned that my weight resolutions each year stick for about a two weeks (even one week’s kind of stretching it) before it’s back to pizza on Fridays and Chinese during the week. So this year let’s make some “practical” resolutions I just know we’ll be more willing to keep.

1.     Step Out of Your Fashion Comfort Zone

Believe me, I understand not wanting to cut your hair and that department store prices don’t meet your budget… but that is still no excuse to not do something a little more exciting with your look than wearing a patterned top.

How about if you pick up some great vintage pieces at your local thrift store or add a splash of color into that “natural” makeup.  And don’t forget, you can always, always, always throw in some vibrant new jewelry.

2.     Whatever the Occasion…Overdress!

I’m sick of settling for an old t-shirt and washed out jeans. Let’s slip into our little black dresses (just brush the dust off) and step into our 3 inch heels (fashion over function) and meet at the local Starbucks for lattes on the patio outside.

3.      Treat Yourself

Yeah, yeah, I know Christmas was just last week… but who cares?! You just HAVE to treat yourself sometimes. This year I promise to treat myself more often to ice cream, shoes, and those diamond stud earrings my boyfriend didn’t take the hint about for Christmas.

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