What’s the Hottest Trend in 2010?

Right now, it’s all about the turquoise!

Historically and culturally, turquoise jewelry has appeared all over the globe ranging from Egyptian Queens to Persian minors, Native Americans and remains the most popular gemstone in Mexican jewelry. Turquoise, which means “Turkish stone”, earned its name in the middle ages when Turkish traders used turquoise as a means of trade and introduced the stone to Europe. Ancient Europeans then gave turquoise stones as forget-me-not gifts or a sign of adoration.

 Today, turquoise is globally mined with large turquoise deposits in six American states as well as China, Brazil, Armenia, Russia and several other countries. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is one of the most expensive types of turquoise found exclusively in the mines of Arizona. It is considered to be highly desirable, particularly the rare stones containing no matrix and consisting only of a pure blue color.

Turquoise is adored for its vibrant blue shade which has inspired architecture, home decor and the fashion industry. It’s because of this historical stone that this year’s hottest color is none other than turquoise.

 Turquoise jewelry is the perfect accessory to just about any outfit. A turquoise ring looks great with jeans and an ornate turquoise necklace is the perfect contrast to a simple black top. Mix it with shades of purple to create a more vibrant you and add a burst of color to your day.

But turquoise jewelry isn’t your only option. To match that fabulous turquoise top you practically stole off the clearance rack at Target, try on some diamond stud earrings or a black onyx pendant. The best part about turquoise is its versatility – match it with silver or gold so you can switch up your color scheme every day and still be wearing this year’s most fashionable color.


2 responses to “What’s the Hottest Trend in 2010?

  1. I love the purse in the picture above, I was wondering where to get something like that. I would love to have that purse!

  2. omgosh I know! I found this purse using http://www.polyvore.com from a company called moxsie? They called it “Deux Lux Bags – Pasha Signature Studded- Turquoise” I don’t know anything about moxsie but I do know that is one fabulous purse!

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