Valentines Day Ideas

The Classic: Jewelry

What girl doesn’t love jewelry?

This year, heart pendants take the lead in jewelry gift giving. Whether it’s as simple as a heart tag toggle necklace, or as elaborate as a colorful multi-gem assortment, heart pendants come in a variety of styles to show exactly how you feel. Amethyst heart pendants are thought to mend the wearer’s broken heart while rubies ignite the wearer’s inner passion. And then of course there are diamonds. Diamonds represent a lasting relationship, because after all, diamonds are forever.

The Meaningful: Time

Believe it or not… just spending time together could mean the world. Many couples have busy or conflicting schedules so taking a night off to spend some quality time with one another would be enough. There are lots of little things you can do with each other to have a relaxing and wonderful Valentine’s Day without leaving home. Turn your cell phones off. For once, don’t let any outside interruptions disturb your time together. Maybe open a bottle of wine, and try cooking a new meal together. Then cuddle on the couch and watch a movie while you recover from your meal. Why spend a fortune at a spa when you can have a more personal foot rub on your own couch? It’s all about getting that one-on-one time together that means so much.

The Single: Friends

Don’t let this Hallmark holiday get you down. Be happy for those who have somebody and then realize you have somebody too….your friends. Celebrate your independence by getting your own dinner reservations with your other single friends. Maybe organize a secret “heart” (a knock-off on the famous Secret Santa) gift swap so you too can show up to work on Monday rockin’ a new pair of pearls (… or socks, depending on the price limit). If all else fails, there is always chocolate. offers an entire anti-valentines day collection, complete with chocolate boyfriend. He’s more delicious than the real thing anyway.

One response to “Valentines Day Ideas

  1. Cross pendants are the best gift to give to anyone at any given occasions. Some like above one are the rare collection that i came through. They really have elegant design that must attract every one. I was thinking of gifting my sister some Gorgeous pendants like these.

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