Fashion Week 2010: Jewelry on the Runway

Fashion Week 2010

As usual, Fashion Week was brilliant as New York celebrated its final hurrah under the giant tents in Bryant Park (next year, Fashion Week will be held in a plaza within Lincoln Center).  Aside from all the fabulous fashion and innovative new styles, this year the lucky observers and fashion experts noted that the sensational lines of clothes were not without accessory.

 Vera Wang sent her models on the runway piled in pearls. Luca Luca was noted for his use of color (particularly teal), giant pendants and pave-set diamond bracelets.

 It is believed that fashion lovers, whether sporting designer brands or washed out jeans, are focusing more on their jewelry rather than new clothes. Why? Because not only is jewelry often cheaper than a new Marc Jacobs jacket, but a diamond pendant necklace can be worn with a variety of styles and gives new life to every different colored top. Jewelry never goes out of style, and is constantly being layered and mismatched to create the season’s trendiest looks.

Gemstone jewelry adds vibrant color to any outfit and withstands the wear and tear of being worn MUCH better than any cotton top or legging. Giant pendants make a “look-at-me” statement and portray both a fashion forward and confident woman. It appears jewelry has taken the steering wheel when directing style, and clothes have become the new accessory.

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