Diamond Earrings Add Glamour and Whimsy

Diamonds- Marilyn sang that they were a “girl’s best friend” and tradition says that a man gives a diamond solitaire when he asks a woman to spend her life with him. Giving diamonds is the ultimate symbol of love and adoration. So, it stands to reason that diamond earrings or any other style adorned with these tear drops of the gods be as significant as any ring, bracelet or necklace.

There are so many varieties of diamond earrings that there is something to please everyone and every occasion. Diamonds are even added to fashion pieces like diamond chandelier earrings for a dramatic effect. If you are looking for a more pious fashion statement, diamond cross earrings are very popular. They also make a great christening gift for baby’s first jewelry.

Add a bit of elegant whimsy to her jewelry box with diamond flower earrings. Even if she doesn’t have a green thumb in the garden, her earrings will last forever. If she appreciates a simpler style, there is nothing quite like a pair of diamond solitaire earrings. Get her some that match her wedding bands or as a precursor to the ultimate diamond- the engagement ring!

Whatever the style, be it diamond drop earrings, hoops or studs, diamonds are always a good idea.

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