Gold Earrings are Classic No Matter the Style

For thousands of years, people have been wearing gold jewelry as a status symbol and as a beautiful adornment. Gold earrings are just one of the many ways this buttery yellow metal is fashioned into jewelry.

In the Seventies, long gold dangle earrings were all the rage. They would sweep the shoulders of the ladies at the disco. The Eighties loved the gold hoop earrings in all sizes. But while these decades popularized these styles, they are still around and will remain classic styles.

Gold chandelier earrings are also a classic style that was popular in the Seventies and has remained popular in varying sizes. For a more conservative look, gold drop earrings or button-style are simple and clean. They are great for work whereas the chandelier should be worn out on the town.

A new trend in style is gold threader earrings. These make a great gift for the woman who loves to be in the height of fashion. She can add to the look by threading the earring through more than one piercing and adding a charm.

For the woman who prefers the look of silver but the quality of gold, white gold earrings make a great gift. Gold is mixed with zinc and nickel to give it this color. Other colors are platinum, pink and pale to deep buttery yellow.

Over the years, styles change but the fact that gold is luxurious and special remains.

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