Threader Earrings Offer Unique Style Options

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you will. Gold or sterling silver threader earrings, earring threads or any variation of this is all the rage in the earring world. They are exactly what they sound like- earrings that thread through the hole. There is no back or stiff post necessary because it just hangs like a string down the front and back of the ear lobe.

Usually there will be a stiff bar at one end of the thread to allow for stringing it through the hole. The other end holds the decorative earring portion. The length of the solid bar varies and may be decorative with a twist or a simple solid bar. Of course, sterling silver or gold threader earrings come in a variety of lengths so they can sweep your shoulders or create a flirt short dangle.

This unique look can also be personalized or spiced up if you have more than one piercing. You can “thread” gold threader earrings through the multiple piercings to create a draped look from the ear. You can also find fashionable styles in sterling silver threader earrings. Add a charm or gemstone to the draped section for an even more unique style. Just make sure it isn’t so heavy that it will tear the piercing.

No matter how they are worn, sterling silver or gold threader earrings make a great gift or a stylish accessory to any outfit.

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