Variety and Versatility in Hoop Earrings

There is much more to gold and silver hoop earrings than just the plain old circle, though that is the classic style. A post is directly connected to the hoop and it circles around to the other side. Some styles bring it to an almost complete circle while others just loop enough for a circular look.

The sizes change with the trends. Gold hoop earrings can be as tiny as the earlobe or big hoop earrings that brush the shoulders. These large pieces are thin and light to prevent damaging the piercing, but they provide a dramatic look to any outfit.

While this classic look is stunning, elegant and fun, jewelry designers embellish on this simple design. They take the basic hoop and then add charms, shapes and designs to them. For example, in the 80s, large quirky polka dot hoops were all the rage…. Today, sophisticated diamond hoop earrings are very popular.

Whatever the style, gold and silver hoop earrings, with embellishments or without, allow a woman to make a bold statement. Conservative or fun, simple hoop or dangling hoops, the choices are endless. And, investing in a pair of simple gold hoop earrings is a good idea because, while styles come and go, the hoop is always going to be in style.

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