Fashion Rings Don’t Have to Mean Anything

For a long time, women wore wedding bands, anniversary rings, birthstone rings or promise rings, but that was about it. Men, well they wore their wedding bands and maybe their class or Lodge ring. But, it wasn’t long before jewelers saw an untapped market- the jewelry lover who wanted to wear jewels just because.

Now, fashion rings are hot and men and women are wearing a variety of styles. A popular style of fashion ring is the cocktail ring. This is typically a cluster of diamonds, usually quite large but it doesn’t have to be. Other styles include fun shapes and objects. Women who love marine life have a variety of dolphin rings to choose from or, if they are into nature, butterfly rings make that statement for them.

While fashion rings can be simply for the sake of fashion, there are some that are a little more meaningful. Claddagh rings are stylish and can be given as a symbol of love and loyalty. The same goes for diamond and ruby heart rings. For a special birthday gift, fashion birthstone rings are a great way to go.

Now, while fashion rings may carry some sentiment with them and be given as a gift on a special occasion, they can also just be fashionable. No longer do jewelry lovers need to wait for someone to give them a ring. They can go out and buy themselves some jewels in celebration of sticking to a diet, getting to work on time, not calling an ex – whatever they want to reward themselves for.

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