Is There Really A Difference between an Eternity and an Anniversary Band?

They look similar, but there is a difference between the popular and romantic rings styles known as the eternity band and the anniversary band. The most fundamental difference is the design.

By definition, eternity means forever, always, infinity, never-ending, etc. Therefore, an eternity band is a never-ending circle of diamonds or diamonds and other gemstones. Diamond anniversary rings are typically a half band of diamonds, just covering the top portion. But, while either style is usually a channel set style, anniversary rings can also have a more geometric shape like a pyramid style.

Sometimes diamond anniversary rings take the place of the original wedding sets or they can be worn on the opposite ring finger. Eternity bands and anniversary rings can also be worn together with gold or silver wedding rings as long as they fit flush together. Because the traditional style is a band with in-set stones, they usually fit nicely with existing sets.

A gold wedding ring is accented very nicely with a gold anniversary or eternity band. But, whether it is worn along with or separately from wedding rings, the sentiment is pretty much the same. They symbolize a pledge of love, loyalty and devotion as well as a commemoration of time spent together. So for an anniversary or just a romantic occasion, an anniversary or an eternity band make great gift choices.

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