Men’s Rings Offer Guys a Little Bling

Wearing jewelry is not just a female phenomenon, men like to accessorize as well. And why not? It the animal world, it is the male that is the beautifully colorful of the two. Just take at look at cardinals and peacocks for example.

Their female counterparts are a boring brown color while the males enjoy vibrant reds, blues and purples. For thousands of years, guys have been wearing men’s gemstone rings and other beautiful pieces of jewelry as status symbols as well as for fashion.

Now, not all guys want to make such an obvious statement. Some wear their simple men’s gold rings as wedding bands and that is it. Other understated and masculine options are men’s silver rings.

In particular, the Claddagh ring is popular with men as are laser finish two tone pieces. Men’s white gold rings, titanium and tungsten are another option for that silver hue. The latter two are more durable and suitable for the guy does a lot of manual labor.

Men’s diamond rings are also a growing trend. They are wearing diamonds in their wedding bands and women are also proposing to men with engagement rings. There has been a lot of progress and change in men’s jewelry as well as traditional gender roles and rules of adornment.

2 responses to “Men’s Rings Offer Guys a Little Bling

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  2. Men’s nowadays have become so choosy about their wedding rings, and they are moving towards simple and sober silver ones.

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