Silver Rings are Stylish and Affordable

Everything that glitters is not gold – silver can glitter too and it does it at a fraction of the cost of gold. While plain silver rings are beautiful, there are also very elegant and stylish designs available that include precious gemstones such as silver pearl rings. Some employ very unique features that add to their style.

Silver enthusiasts can have a lot of fun with their jewelry. Some of the more unique designs are the silver puzzle rings. The pieces fit together in an intricate design and some may even have secret compartments. For sandal-season, silver toe rings are much more plentiful than gold ones and they come in all shapes and sizes with and without stones.

On a more serious note, this inexpensive precious metal is also used to create very special pieces such as silver Claddagh rings. In fact, this design was first designed in silver centuries ago. The clasping of hands and heart symbolize love and loyalty forever and is often used as a promise or wedding ring. Other styles of silver wedding rings are also available with diamonds.

It is very important to clean these pieces properly to avoid tarnishing. Special silver cleaners are available in easy to use cloths, creams and even liquids.

Silver rings are great for everyday fashion and because they are so affordable, it is feasible to invest in many pieces. But, it is also an elegant and stylish metal that can easily go from casual day to elegant evening night.

2 responses to “Silver Rings are Stylish and Affordable

  1. I love silver! I actually prefer it over gold even though it is so much cheaper. I don’t know why it it feels a little bit more down to earth, connected. Not that I dislike gold but there is something special about silver…

  2. I actually prefer silver rings to gold rings. Gold rings don’t really match my skin tone. And lucky for me too is that beautiful silver rings are within my budget!

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