You Can’t Go Wrong With Diamonds

Formed millions of years ago under the intense heat and pressure of the earth, diamonds are precious gems that are universally adored and coveted. There are so many reasons to give diamonds that a variety of rings are available to commemorate special occasions.

Diamond engagement rings are tradition. Giving a woman (or a man) a solitaire diamond tells her that she is the one and only girl for him. To complement the engagement ring, plain gold bands are often used, but so are diamond wedding rings. A channel-set band or even a jacket of diamonds complements the solitaire beautifully. Men are getting into the act with diamond wedding bands of their own.  After all, they like their bling too!

After the wedding, there are still even more occasions to give her a tiny box wrapped in gold. Diamond anniversary rings are often given on the 10th, 25th or even the 50th anniversary, but really they can be given to celebrate the first year to the 50th. Another take on this concept are the 3 stone diamond rings. These are also known as Past, Present, Future rings and that is exactly what they symbolize- a couple’s past, present and future.

While there are many special occasions deserving of diamonds… anytime is a good time to give her something brilliant.

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